Facts About Acidophilus Bifidus Probiotic Blend

Acidophilus Bifidus is a probiotic blend that is a mixture of the popular L. acidophilus probiotics and bifidus microflora. But why on earth would we want to mix two types of probiotics together?

Acidophillus Strains and Bifidus Strains Work Together

It’s natural to us that different people have different jobs. Likewise, in nature, different types of probiotics have different functions. Because of the complementary roles that they play, we should ideally have 5% acidophillus (Lactobacillus Acidophillus) and 90% Bifidus (Bifidobacteria). The remaining 5% is neutral or pathogenic bacteria (which is okay when it’s only at 5%). But what do each of the different probiotic bacteria do?

How Do Acidophilus Microflora Benefit Us?

Acidophillus primarily lowers the pH of the intestines, making your body inhospitable for bad bacteria. There are more than 127 health benefits of taking probiotics, and there are many Acidophillius benefits.

How Do Bifidus Probiotics Benefit Us?

Bifidobacteria are especially important for consistent bowel movements, keeping pathogens out of the blood stream and processing our waste. Additionally, they also manufacture B-vitamins and combat antibiotic side effects. At birth, infants primarily have bifidobacterium in their colons and a lack of colonization from this bacteria can increase susceptibility to rotavirus, e coli. and other bacteria.

#1 Acidophilus Bifidus Supplement For Men

Digest Strong – Probiotic Man Blend contains large doses of L. Acidophilus and bifidus probiotics.

This men’s probiotic is also optimized for men’s digestive health. And this supplement also has acidophilus’s and bifidus’s immunity and allergy fighting benefits.

I personally helped engineer this blend’s formula. So I know it contains the best probiotics for men’s digestive health.

Check out the reviews on Amazon and make your own call!

Click here to buy Digest Strong Probiotic on Amazon.

#1 Acidophilus Bifidus Supplement For Women

Renewlife Women’s Complete probiotic contains substantial doses of Acidophilus and bifidus probiotics.

This women’s probiotic is optimized for women’s overall health. It certainly has acidophilus’s allergy, digestive and immunity benefits.

I haven’t taken this product personally (since I’m a man). But the reviews are strong…and the ingredients are solid (including probiotic acidophilus).

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8 comments on “What is Acidophilus Bifidus?” - Click here to write your comment

  1. Ellen Cirino says:

    Hi: I had open heart surgery almost a year ago and the daughter that I am staying with said I should not restart my probiotics because of my weakened health. I have found that this chewable is very good at helping me have consistant good bowel movements. I am 74 years old and basically healthy but still healing from my surgery.

    • evan says:

      If possible, I’d check with your doctor that a probiotic is okay for you. I would guess that it’s fine, but I would always defer to your doctor.

  2. DORIS ZINN says:

    I just started your brand of acidophilus n Bifidus. I was wondering since I take Carvedilol for my heart it would be ok. I would like to hear from you on this please.thank you .

  3. doris zinn says:

    just want to know about this product Acidophilus n bifidus; if I can take it I’m on carvedilol

    • evan says:

      Hi Doris,

      You should ask your doctor if there is any interaction between probiotics and your medication.

      take care,
      Evan Jerkunica

  4. shelley says:

    I am a former RPN and my husband had major heart issues from age 31 to his death at 47 needing a heart transplant. He had extensive health issues and irritable bowel syndrome. Our chiropractor recommended acidophilus to us for him and it was a miracle cure. He was on 42 pills a day plus many shots of insulin and it never once hurt him. He took it for many many years and it gave him his life back. He was so bad at times he couldn’t leave the house. My daughter also was on many antibiotics constantly until age 14 when her tonsils were removed. we gave her this all the time as well because the antibiotics would give her severe diarrhea. It saved her pretty much from health problems. It never at any time bothered the multitude of heart, epilepsy, or diabetes drugs he was on but it is always best to check with the dr. There is no drugs in this product, no preservatives, no lactose, etc so there should be nothing that can harm any medication. We did however find that the kind that doesn’t have to be refrigerated did not work well at all. It is best to get the kind that has to stay cold. The higher the number the better /stronger it was so if u have chronic bowel issues the stronger strength is much better to use. I hope this helps anyone who has issues esp with their heart.

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