Review of Visbiome, Formerly VSL#3

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Best for: digestive health

Product Options: capsules or powder

Shipping: ships with ice pack

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A quick note on this Visbiome review:

If you’re looking for the old VSL#3 probiotic, it is now called Visbiome.

VSL#3 lost the license to the their probiotic formula. Now, Visbiome uses the exact old VSL#3 formula that was clinically proven in many research studies…and has legions of fans who could only find relief with VSL#3.

I spoke with the Marc Tewey, the CEO of Visbiome, and he assured me that Visbiome’s probiotic strains are exactly the same as the old VSL#3…they even use the exact same Italian factory that produced VSL#3 before.

Click here to buy the old VSL#3 formula, in the new Visbiome packaging.

4 Reasons You Should Buy Visbiome VSL#3

I’m happy that Visbiome has taken over the VSL#3 formula because my review of VSL#3 was extremely positive. Here are 4 strong reasons for taking Visbiome.

  1. Optimized for digestive health
    • Many individuals with sensitive stomachs or other inflammatory bowel conditions rely on Visbiome to provide their digestive systems with a daily reinforced boost of powerful probiotics to increase digestive capacity and daily comfort. My friend’s wife was able to going into remission from Chrons by taking Visbiome VSL#3 and eating correctly.
  2. Super strong
    • Visbiome is one of the strongest probiotics around. At 450 billion CFU, it was the first “mega-strong” probiotic on the market. There is even a prescription only version that has 900 billion CFU per dose.
  3. Extensively studied
    • Visbiome is one of the few probiotic products that has extensive clinical research study behind it.
  4. Free of most allergens
    • This product is gluten free, soy free, nut free, shellfish free. It does contain trace amounts of dairy.

Even if you do not have any preexisting digestive issues, the beneficial bacteria contained in Visbiome VSL#3 can optimize gut function leading to enhanced nutrient intake.

4 Reasons Not To Take Visbiome

This review of Visbiome wouldn’t be complete without telling you who shouldn’t take this probiotic.

Here are 4 reasons Visbiome may not be right for you:

  1. Too expensive
    • At around $72 per month, that means this probiotic will cost you $864 per year. You get what you pay for, but that will be cost prohibitive for many.
  2. Too strong
    • If a product is too strong for you, you may experience probiotic side effects. Over the counter versions of Visbiome contain up to 450 billion CFU per serving. To put that in perspective, Dr. Ohhira’s probiotic contains less than 1 billion per serving…and some people complain of side effects with 450x weaker probiotics.
  3. Refrigeration
    • This product requires refrigeration which may not be appropriate for people who travel frequently.
  4. Trace amounts of dairy
    • Though this product does not contain gluten or soy, it has trace amounts of dairy.
    • On their website they say Visbiome contains this much dairy per capsule:
      0.01 g lactose per 200 capsules

Refrigeration Requirements

Visbiome contains temperature sensitive live bacteria, so it needs to be refrigerated to ensure these bacteria stay potent to deliver their beneficial digestive effect. However, for those traveling or unable to meet this requirement, Visbiome may be kept at room temperature for up to 1 week without damaging its effectiveness.

Visbiome now has temperature sensitive packaging. So you can tell if Visbiome got too hot over time.

Since this product needs to be refrigerated when shipped, click here to get it shipped with an ice pack.

Visbiome on Amazon Ships With Ice Packs

Since this product needs to be kept cold, click here to get it shipped with an ice pack.

Strong Scientific Evidence for Visbiome

There are over 60 clinical research studies focused on exploring the benefits of taking Visbiome formula every day. I’ll summarize a few of these studies now:

  • (Visbiome) improves bowel frequency and health perceptionA
  • (Visbiome) reduce inflammation and enhance gut immune health in people living with HIVB
  • (VSL#3) Induces remission in patients with ulcerative colitis,C and helps with remission in childrenD
  • (VSL#3) Improves liver function for liver disease patients (children and adult)E,F,G

Probiotic Formula

All Visbiome products use the same exact blend of probiotic strains. They’ve been tested in over 60 medical food human clinical trials. You probably recognize that these probiotic strains are exactly the same ones as in the old VSL#3 formula.

What Probiotic Strains Are in Visbiome?

Here are the 8 strains they use:

  • Lactobacillus paracasei DSM 24733
  • Lactobacillus plantarum DSM 24730
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus DSM 24735
  • Lactobacillus helveticus DSM 24734
  • Bifidobacterium longum DSM 24736
  • Bifidobacterium infantis DSM 24737
  • Bifidobacterium breve DSM 24732
  • Bifidobacterium thermophilus DSM 24731

Product Options

There are currently 2 product options for purchasing Visbiome. You can take it as a capsule, or as an unflavored powder. VSL#3 used to have more options, so I’m sure that Visbiome will follow suit soon.

Visbiome Powder

The powder form of this product is flavorless, mixes well, and can be put in any drink that isn’t hot. Boiling hot coffee or tea will kill some of the expensive bacteria in this product. For best results, I would mix this in room temp water, or non iced drinks. Refrigerator temperature drinks are okay too.

Inactive Ingredients in Packets

Other than the 450 billion probiotic bacteria cells (CFU) in each pouch, they also have some cornstarch in the powder. I assume it’s because it mixes well.

Visbiome Capsules

Inactive Ingredients in Capsules

As far as I can tell, the first 4 ingredients are used for a) making the capsule machines run smoother b) improving consistency of the dose put into each capsule. I think there is no solid evidence that these substances are harmful. Though I wouldn’t take them just for fun.

The 5th inactive ingredient is just a normal veggie capsule.

  1. Microcrystalline cellulose
  2. stearic acid
  3. silicon dioxide
  4. magnesium sterate
  5. vegetable capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)

Dietary Considerations

  • Extremely trace amounts of diary:
    • Visbiome is classified as a gluten-free food, but contains extremely trace amounts of dairy products…you would consume 1/100th of a gram of diary in 3 months of taking the product.
  • Vegetarian – .003 grams of diary from being vegan
    • Additionally, the capsule casing is composed of a 99.9999% plant-based material, meeting the preferences of those individuals committed to a vegetarian lifestyle.
  • Sugar free
    • The capsule and plain flavored versions of this product do not contain any sugar.

    Buy on Amazon:

    Review Rating:

    Best for: digestive health

    Product Options: capsules or powder

    Shipping: ships with ice pack

    Buy on Amazon for best price (around $72)

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    Review Rating:

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    56 comments on “Visbiome Review (Formerly VSL#3 Probiotic)” - Click here to write your comment

    1. Michael says:

      Pretty informative video. Glad to hear that these things are making people’s lives better!

    2. Myfanwy Evans says:

      You wrote: “an extremely high dose 850 billion bacteria”, but you don’t say per what. In one capsule? One sachet? Or what???? Your “850 nbillion bacteria” is therefore meaningless!

      Let’s get clear what you mean!

    3. Joseph Abraham says:

      I’ve had amazing results with Crohn’s. I used to suffer greatly from Crohn’s, but taking VSL 3 really manages those symptoms.

      It’s expensive but has given me my life back.

    4. Nita says:

      I have diverticulitis and had a perforated colon – this product is incredible. I’ve also used Dr. O’Hirra’s with amazing results. I rotate between the 2 because I don’t want to get too acclimated to one. These 2 probiotics have changed my life for the better!

      • evan says:

        Hi Nita,

        I’m glad to hear it!

        I’m also glad to hear that you’re rotating products. The reason we should rotate our probiotics is so we don’t get too much of a particular strain of probiotics.

        If we get too much of 1 species, it could be as bad as having too little of that species. We have to find the Goldilocks zone :)

        Take care,
        Evan Jeruknica

    5. Beaboutyourbusiness says:

      Myfanwy…it’s 900 billion. If you’re going to complain about someone else being clear, at least get your facts straight. Geez!

    6. Yen says:

      Why would you include traces of dairy in your product? Do you know dairy causes inflammation? That certainly defeats the purpose of these probiotics. Hope you remove the traces of dairy.

      • evan says:

        Hi Yen,

        To oversimplify a bit, some probiotic bacteria grow best in milk. So when they try and extract the bacteria from the growth material, some traces of dairy can’t be removed.

        So it’s unfortunate, but we have to work with these living creatures and grow them in the way that helps them thrive.

        I would look for a different product that is dairy free.

        To your health,
        Evan Jerkunica

    7. Scott says:

      Do any of you with dairy sensitivity not react to VSL 3?

    8. Beth says:

      I was given some samples by my doctor, but was not told they needed to be refrigerated. I have had them for about 2 weeks. Are they still good?

      • evan says:

        Hi Beth,

        I can’t say for sure. But, in my understanding, probiotics don’t go bad like milk. They just lose their potency.

        As long as they have been sealed, they should be good, buy maybe less potent depending on how hot it’s been where you store them.

        To double check this, please go to the manufacturer’s website and check.

        Take care,
        Evan Jerkunica

    9. Jessica Barnett says:


      Are the probiotics shipped in a cooled container?

      • evan says:

        Hi Jessica,

        Unless the shipping party says they are shipping it cooled or with dry ice, I would assume they aren’t.

        Generally probiotics manufacturers put more bacteria in the product than they claim on the bottle. That way if some die off when shipping, you still get a product that is strong as they claim.

        To your health,
        Evan Jerkunica

    10. Shirley King says:

      I have colitis and wanted to know if this is okay to take. I have been taking Uceris but will go off of it for a coupld of weeks.

      • evan says:

        Hi Shirley,

        I have heard of people having success with remission for colitis when taking VSL#3 AND following the other lifestyle recommendations of their doctors.

        To your health,
        Evan Jerkunica

    11. Manju bala says:

      I cant imagine life without vsl these days vsl#3 is not available in my area. I m like fish without water.can anybody help.

    12. Rebecca Coleman says:

      How many carbs are in these ?

      • evan says:

        You’d have to look at the product you’re buying. There may be a small amount of sugar in some of these. Just look at supplement facts and you’ll find that information.

    13. Vivian says:

      Trying VSL#3 for the first time. How do you recommend taking the capsules…2 at the same time?…what time of day is best? Starting with the first dose, should 1 capsule be taken for a few days?

    14. Waed says:

      What is the appropriate dosage and how it is distributed during the day In case of inflammation of UC??

    15. Richard Vazquez says:

      Tried to purchase VSL#3 at Costco yesterday and was told the company has stopped all shipments and has advised that people should search for an alternative via their doctor. I can’t find any published problems with the product but this does not sound good. Although vsl #3 has worked well for me for the last couple of years…now need to find another product…ugh.

      • evan says:

        Hi Richard,

        Thank you for the information. I also just searched for any recall news, and I didn’t see anything. I’ll keep an eye out and make sure this is still a safe product.

        To your health,
        Evan Jerkunica

    16. John says:

      I’ve had IBS since I was 12 and diagnosed with diverticulitis about 7 years ago. This product has helped immensely, but now there is a problem with the wholesaler who supplies the CVS stores and I can no longer get it locally. Trying to find a equivalent substitute.

    17. Mary says:

      Not sure if you already know the answer, but the company says the wholesaler is low on product. No recalls and still safe, just having difficulty getting it in and then out.


    18. norty says:

      Why did Amazon stop selling it?

      • evan says:

        Hi Norty,

        I heard VSL#3 is out of stock everywhere. There may be some delay in manufacturing – I am not sure.

        To your health,
        Evan Jerkunica

    19. krista says:

      I hope they sell them at Costco again.

      • evan says:

        Hi Norty,

        I heard VSL#3 is out of stock everywhere. There may be some delay in manufacturing – I am not sure.

        To your health,
        Evan Jerkunica

    20. Jamie Mermis says:

      This is why they stopped shopping for a while, they STOLE the recipe.

      The original product you are looking for is sold under the name Visbiome.

    21. Deena says:

      CVS is selling the genetic of VSL #3; will this be the same?

      • evan says:

        Hi Deena,

        It will not be. It will have similar ingredients, but the process for making and growing the strains will not be the same.

        To your health,
        Evan Jerkunica

    22. Gucci says:

      VSL#3 was undergoing a lawsuit because the original creator claimed they changed his formula. The original formula that garnered all the clinical studies is now sold with his approval under a new product, Visbiome.

    23. Lee says:

      At my doctor’s recommendation, I’ve started taking one VSL3 capsule per day for IBS. After 4 days, it is beginning to stabilize my bowel functions—no diarrhea or constipation. But the gas and associated abdominal bloating discomfort are terrible! Has anyone had this problem? Does it go away after taking VSL 3 for awhile?

      • evan says:

        Hi Lee,

        The side effects are likely to go away. But not always.

        I would consider reducing the dosage (with your doctor’s approval of course).

        To your health,
        Evan Jerkunica

    24. Jana Morse says:

      I was told by a Costco pharmacist that the original maker had sold the formula to another company, and the new company wanted to change the formula, which the original owner did not want to happen, and there was even a lawsuit. A lot of us are going to be scrambling to find something that works as well as VSL#3.

      • evan says:

        Hi Jana,

        You are correct. I just spoke with the CEO of the company that makes VSL#3’s old formula.

        It is called Visbiome.

        I will be updating this review to point everyone to that new company as soon as I have a few hours.

        To your health,
        Evan Jerkunica

    25. Jana Morse says:

      Is Visbiome a replacement for VSL#3?

    26. Blaurenson says:

      To folks wondering why they can’t get vsl from Amazon the founder of the original formula created visbiome, pre 2016 vsl formula. I think vsl is now made in Italy and they changed the formula, there was a lawsuit since the claims made for vsl don’t apply to the new formula, all the studies, etc… I got an RX for visbiome 900 billion from my doctor and since it’s a medical food it is covered by my insurance. The retail value is $205. I was originally told by my pharmacy that my insurance doesn’t cover probiotics, but with more searching they realized this is covered. Just letting ppl know since this probiotics is kinda a big deal and i think many folks aren’t able to take a therapeutic dosage due to the cost. My co-pay is $3.

    27. Melinee Freeman says:

      I have used VSL#3 for 7 years. Just hope Visbiome will be as good. I have already ordered from Amazon. Thank you for the information.

      • evan says:

        Hi Melinee,

        You’re very welcome. I know it’s hard to believe, but from what I can tell, it’s 100% the same product…it’s just the packaging is different.

        Please let readers know how it goes.

        Thank you,
        Evan Jerkunica

    28. Jim Yancey says:

      Why couldn’t the original founder keep the VSL3 name? What major pharmacies can we buy Visbiome from? And VSL3 is back in business and sign signed a contract with Walgreen, the second largest pharmacy conglomerate in the country. So what is wrong with there product?

      • evan says:

        Hi Jim,

        My limited understanding is that the owner of the formula licensed it to VSL#3. Then that agreement ran out, so VSL#3 could no longer use his formula.

        There may or may not be anything wrong with VSL#3’s new formula. But it does not have the same research behind it as the old formula, which some could argue is why VSL#3 got so popular.

        For people who want VSL#3’s old formula, they need to buy the Vsibiome product now.

        That’s all I’m saying in this article.

        Evan Jerkunica

    29. Roseann Fanello says:

      Visbiome has replaced VSL3. If you live in Manhattan you can purchase it at a drug store called Bigalows which s around 8th Street and 6th Ave.

    30. Julie Burgess says:

      Interesting read about the lawsuit the inventor of VSL 3 which he won unanimously and is now being sold as Vsibiome. We were told by our veterinarian at UGA to use Visbiome on our 10 yro Rottweiler. He’s diabetic about 5 yrs now has had a lot of bladder infection issues , pancreatitis issues, antibiotic resistance and all causing issues in regulation of insulin which of course brings on and or worsens the previous. It’s a fine balancing act….Basically he is almost an official case study because he’s had so many complex things. The boy is an absolute trooper and everyone who deals with him falls in love lol. My daughter is a NP and absolutely OCD in his care which I truly believe why he’s with us and doing so well. The Visbiome has been extremely helpful in his regime and we started it May of 2019 after a very bad round of seizures. God bless our local vet who is amazing to begin with and also who sent us to UGA when it was necessary. I can honestly say the Visbiome has been an intricate part of the success we are having. We have been ordering off Amazon and it does come with ice and have not had any issues thus far. Best of Luck to all and hope you all have improved health more and more each day.

    31. Tammy M Frank says:

      I just started vsl3. Got it from Walgreen my doctor called it in .day 3 seems ok but got little sore throat. May not be it.but gas and bloating

    32. Susan says:

      I used VSL#3 for years after having a stroke and meningitis. All the meds given then caused me to get gastritis with diarrhea. It was the only medication I could stop the diarrhea with. I am very glad to know I can get this medication again rebranded. I have had to use several other brands that are not as effective.thank you for such a great product. I’m a retired RN.

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