Garden of Life’s Men Probiotics Review

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Gut health is important to overall health, and maintaining it with the diets that most Western countries partake in is exceptionally difficult. A good probiotic formulation can be difficult to find. Thankfully, Garden of Life’s probiotics are minimalist and highly-praised.

Garden of Life has 2 highly-rated probiotics for men:

  • RAW Probiotic Capsules
  • One-A-Day Probiotic Capsules
  • Super Seed Powder
  • RAW Probiotic Capsules (90 count)

The RAW Probiotic comes 90 to a package, though the suggested dosage is three daily, so it’s about a month’s supply. The capsules contain no sugar, and no allergens – they’re made entirely of vegetable cellulose. They’re raw and alive, so they need to be refrigerated for best use, and they’re rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, out of 102 ratings. In addition, Vitacost lists the product at 4.9/5 from 10 reviews, and has an extensive video here regarding the positives of the product.

While most active-cultured probiotics contain around 2 billion colony-forming units and 2-4 strains of bacteria, this product contains over 85 billion colony-forming units and 31 strains of bacteria. This ensures a healthy replenishment of gut flora, particularly if you are rebounding from antibiotic use.

Men’s One-A-Day Probiotic

Garden of Life’s One-A-Day Probiotics have the advantage that they need not be refrigerated, and as stated in the title, there’s one supplement taken per day. There is a lesser amount of probiotic bacteria in the One-A-Day – 21 strains – but it’s made up for with an increase in gut-flora enhancing fiber from raw fruits, including:

  • cherry
  • carrot
  • plum
  • red bell pepper
  • green pea
  • raspberry
  • strawberry

The reviews are incredibly favorable – 4.5 or higher on Amazon and Vitacost – and they focus on the ease of taking one and being done.

Super Seed Powder Fiber Supplement

Finally, the Super Seed Powder, though not strictly a probiotic, is a fiber supplement formulated to support gut health, with a much smaller amount – 8 total – of added probiotic cultures. It does not need to be refrigerated. The ingredients are:

  • Amaranth sprout
  • Quinoa sprout
  • Buckwheat sprout
  • Millet sprout
  • Garbanzo sprout
  • Lentil sprout
  • Adzuki bean sprout
  • Flax sprout
  • Chia sprout
  • Sunflower seed sprout
  • Pumpkin seed sprout
  • Sesame seed sprout
  • Rice maltodextrin
  • The reviews of this product are 4.5 or better across Amazon, with 394 reviews, with most of the negative reviews stemming from mishandling of the product in delivery or when packaged from the seller.

    Are These Products Right For You?

    In reviewing these probiotics, it’s clear they are highly-rated and well-praised. All three are GMO-free, minimalist in their ingredients, head-and-shoulders above their competition in terms of active cultures, and there is nothing to suggest to me that there is anything even approaching a scam here.

    This is a respected company producing a superior product. The only caveat I can offer after my research is that most secondary retailers ship the packages without cold packs, ignoring Garden Of Life’s promise that the bacteria will be delivered cold to ensure their lives. If you buy it, I recommend buying it in person at a store to ensure refrigeration, or directly from a retailer that you can see will ship them cold-packed.

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