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The Personalized Probiotic Finder™

How Does The Personalized Probiotic Finder Work? has 2 databases:

  • products database (653 products)
  • research database (351 research studies)

We cross-reference both databases to see which probiotics are associted with your symptoms, age & sex. Then we calculate a 100 point match score and show you your top probiotics.

Which Supplement Is Best For You?

Thousands of research articles have shown that different probiotics are better for different people. Scientific research has proven:

  • women & men need different probiotics
  • infants, kids, adults & seniors all need different probiotics
  • different probiotics are better for treating different symptoms

Sex, age & symptoms must be taken into account when deciding which probiotic to take! And that’s exactly what the Personalized Probiotic Finder™ does!

Why Did We Make You The Personalized Probiotic Finder?

There are exactly 653 high quality probiotics products available for sale. You probably don't have time to research all 653, so we did all that work for you.

We also wanted to share the knowledge we gained from studying 351 scientific probiotics articles. These articles came from the very best minds at Harvard, Yale, University of Japan & 32 other universities.

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