Researched Benefits of L. Salivarus

L. Salivarus is known for 3 things:

  • improving digestive health
  • improve immunity
  • improving dental health

Interesting facts about L. Salivarius

Lactobacillus salivarius is a native resident of most humans. Salivarus can be found in living in every part of the body. Specifically, it can be found in:

  • colon
  • small intestines
  • vagina
  • mouth

To keep you healthy, L. salivarus produces it’s own antibiotics. These antibiotics are specifically targeted against invading pathogenic bacteria. Also, since it produces lactic acid, the acidity helps fight bad bacteria and make an ideal environment for other probiotics.

Compared to other probiotics, L. salivarus grows very fast…because of this it crowds out bad bacteria quickly. It even aids in the digestion of proteints. This is an extremely hardy probiotic that is vital to our health!

Detailed below I’ll share with you specific studies on digestive health, oral health and other digestive benefits.

Benefits of L. Silivarius

  • inhibit candida
  • reduce cavities
  • reduce gingivitis
  • help prevent strep throat (caused by S. pyogenes)
  • reduce mastitis
  • reduce ulcerative colitis
  • reduce IBS
  • inhibit pathogenic bacteria: E. coli & Salmonella spp.

Side Effects of L. Salivarus

The adverse effects lactobacillus salivarus are typically mild. A small rash or temporary or mild digestive discomfort. You can read the full article on side effects here:

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