Researched L. Casei Probiotic Benefits

L. Casei is known for 4 things:

  • improving digestion
  • increasing immunity
  • reducing allergies
  • improving cholesterol levels

Facts About Lactobacillus Casei

Lactobacillus Casei is a superstar probiotic strain. Beyond its beneficial effects on human health, it is commonly used to make the foods we love. Some examples are: making cheese, green olive fermentation and making yogurt and other fermented milk products.

L. Casei is a transient bacteria in the human body. But it is native to cows. It is naturally found in raw cow’s milk and colostrum!

As mentioned above…L. casei studies show significant improvements in immunity, allergies, cholesterol levels and digestion.

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Digestive Benefits

Fighting Diarrhea – In 2002 an Argentinian study found that L. Casei had a massive effect on patients with chronic diarrhea. When patients were taking L. Casei, their diarrhea episodes were greatly reduced. But when they stopped taking the probiotic, diarrhea episodes returned. This study suggests that continual supplementation is ideal for full digestive benefits.

Here is a complete list of the digestive benefits:

  • maintain remission of diverticular disease
  • reduce occurrence, risk and symptoms of IBS
  • inhibit H. pylori (cause of ulcers)
  • inhibit and reduce diarrhea episodes
  • decrease milk intolerance
  • reduce constipation
  • prevent colorectal tumor growth
  • inhibit tumor growth of carcinomatous peritonitis/stomach cancer

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Allergy Benefits

Pollen Allergies – Anyone with severe allergies dreads the start of pollen season. In But a Japanese scientist, Dr. Ogawa, led a study to investigate if probiotic L. casei could provide any relief from this pollen assault. After a few weeks of supplementation of Lactobacillus casei, the volunteers had their immune system’s pollen response tested. Surprisingly at least 5 pollenspecific immunity markers were significantly lower after the people who took supplementation of L. casei (The markers were interferongamma, eosinophils, chemokines, thymus, IgE).

Newborn Allergies – It’s no secret that young children are having a massive increase in allergy issues. But one researcher thought he could turn the tide of allergies…wait for it…by giving pregnant mothers probiotics! To test this theory, Dr. Ortiz-Andrellucchi gave expecting mothers 6 weeks of L. casei supplementation. This supplementation increased the milk’s concentration of T helper-1 and T helper-2 cells in the mother’s milk, compared to the placebo group. So this was a very good sign that the Lactobacillus casei was doing something.

The newborns were also monitored for 6 months…and a number of immune markers were significantly increased…and inflammatory markers were down (associated with allergies). In additional to the decrease in allergy indicators, the children of the supplementing mothers had significantly fewer digestive issues. Can you believe that probiotic supplementation benefits pass from mother to child??

So in summary, here are the allergy benefits of L. casei:

  • reduce asthma symptoms
  • reduce allergy symptoms

Immunity Benefits

  • inhibit viral infections
  • stimulate the immune system
  • inhibit candida overgrowth
  • stimulate the immmune system among the elderly
  • decrease rotavirus infections
  • decrease colds and influenza
  • inhibit pathogenic bacterial infections
  • inhibit pneumonia
  • inhibit respiratory tract infections
  • inhibit bronchitis
  • inhibit Pseudomonas aeruginosa (pneumonia)
  • inhibit clostridium difficile
  • reduce lower respiratory infections

L. Case Supports Organ Health

  • support liver function
  • decrease risk of cirrhosis
  • prevent recurrence of bladder cancer
  • reduce risk of bladder cancer
  • inhibit malignant pleural effusions secondary to lung cancer

L. Casei Has Nutrient Absorption Benefits

Lactose Intolerance – do you know someone who gets bloated or has other digestive issues if they get near milk? Well they’ll be happy to know that help for this condition was discovered way back in 1995. An Argentinian study from the University of Buenos Aires found that L. case supplementation seriously improved reaction to milk. But the patients who didn’t supplement L. casei were far more likely to have bloating and diarrhea. So maybe you should take your L. casei with your milk!

Full list of nutrient benefits:

  • produce vitamins B1 and B2
  • break down nutrients for bioavailability
  • decrease lactose intolerance

Vaginal Health Benefits

  • inhibit vaginosis
  • reduce cervix tumors when used in combination radiation therapy

L. Casei’s General Health Benefits

Improved Cholesterol – In 2000 a Japanese study by Kawase was published on the cholesterol benefits of L. casei. The double-blind study lasted for exactly 8 weeks on 20 healthy men. The blood samples taken at 4 weeks and 8 weeks show that HDL-c (the good kind) was much higher in probiotic group – compared to the placebo group. Also, triglyceride levels decreased in the probiotic group.

Here are a few additional general health benefits of this probiotic strain:

  • increase (good) HDL-cholesterol
  • decrease triglycerides
  • decrease blood pressure
  • inhibit severe systemic inflammatory response syndrome

Top L. Casei Probiotic Products

#1 L. Casei Supplement For Men

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This men’s probiotic is also optimized for men’s digestive health. And this supplement also has L. Casei’s immunity and allergy fighting benefits.

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#1 L. Casei Supplement For Women

Renewlife Women’s Complete probiotic contains doses of L. Casei probiotics…along with 11 other probiotic strains.

This women’s probiotic is optimized for women’s overall health. It certainly has L. Casei’s allergy, digestive and immunity benefits.

I haven’t taken this product personally (since I’m a man). But the reviews are strong…and the ingredients are solid (including probiotic L. Casei).

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L. Case Adverse Effects

Here is a full list of L. Case probiotic side effects.

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