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When we travel, however fun it is, our routine is dirupted. We tend to indulge in rich food, drink more alcohol, have fewer probiotics, and often have to endure a time change. We will be exposed to new pathogenic (and probiotic) microbes & may be eating food and drinking water of questionable cleanliness. There is also the chance of getting travelers diarrhea or just plan sickness – so you literally bought a $1,200 plane ticket and a $70/night hotel just so we can sit there sick.

To make sure my family’s multiple $1,200 plane tickets & $100+/night of hotel rooms don’t go to waste, I have a pre-vacation routine.

Four Weeks Before Traveling

Before traveling, the most important thing is to plan so you won’t lose sleep (except for excitement) or be stressed before departure. I also begin to supplement high doses of probiotics.

You need to plan the following:

  • start supplementing probiotics heavily (for immunity & digestion)
  • buy the probiotic supplements you need for the trip
  • plan your trip to a level of detail you need
  • plan 4 hours of rest/fun time two days before you leave
  • purchase medications or special items
  • purchase special equipment
  • plan the first week after you return from vacation
  • plan your estimated budget + 50% fudge/emergency factor
  • prepare mentally for both fun & not fun surprises while traveling.

If you have planned and rested for your journey, then you will not have to worry about work or what will happen when you get back. It’s already been mapped out!

Food While Traveling

Now just make sure you’re eating proper food :)

When I am traveling, I continue to take probiotics like candy (though be careful of the side effects for large doses). Be sure to have a non-refrigerated type of probiotics & do your best to keep it cool/dry. I also am skeptical of raw food that I don’t see prepared. For example, if a guy makes mango juice right in front of me, it’s probably fine. But if it is salad in a salad bar that is just sitting there, I avoid it.

There are a number of anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial spices/foods you can consume to decrease the likelihood of you getting sick. Here is a short list:

  • fresh lime/lemon juice
  • wasabi
  • fresh jalapenos/chili peppers
  • garlic
  • local cultured foods (yogurt, etc.)
  • onions (a bit)
  • many local spices

If you eat these WITH your food, then you will have a lower likelihood of illness from food/drink.

Local Water While Traveling

You will also need to make sure the local water is safe to drink. Have it boiled or drink bubbling water/bottled water.

If You Just Remembered One Thing

Supplement probiotics heavily before you go on your trip – they will help you with whatever you encounter.

Happy trails! Got any questions before your trip?!? Please ask below ;)

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  1. Olivia says:

    I had no idea how important is was to take probiotics when travelling until I started taking them daily for just regular digestive health. Then once I started travelling again for work I noticed what a huge difference it made in not only my gut health but my overall health too! I use Florajen Probiotics as my “go to” but it took me a few trial and errors before I could get to that perfect product for me!

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