Celebrities often appear on camera in stunning fashion with great skin and high energy. Despite their glowing appearances though, many of these celebrities deal with allergies, a problem that affects almost everyone to some degree.

Here are twenty famed individuals who suffer from various allergies on a regular basis.

1. Scarlett Johansson: Grass Pollen

Scarlett Johansson has appeared in numerous movie titles and is known for her beauty and immense acting skills. Oddly enough, the actress has problems with the great outdoors, mostly succumbing to problems with grass pollen. Johansson’s allergies primarily cause skin and eye irritation, as her skin becomes itchy from rashes, and her eyes swell and tear up when she comes in close contact with grass-like vegetation.

2. Serena Williams: Peanuts

Despite her need for energy before intense tennis matches, Serena Williams cannot fuel up on peanut products. The famous tennis star has a relatively sensitive allergy to the nuts, and she falls into an estimated 1 percent of people in the United States who have a peanut allergy. Her allergy clearly does not affect her performance on the court though, as she regularly places high in the top 100 best tennis players each season.

3. Drew Barrymore: Garlic

Drew Barrymore has become known for her light-hearted and emotional roles in films over the years. Barrymore is fairly allergic to garlic and deals with having to carefully circumspect labels of foods before consumption to avoid allergic reactions. The actress also says she is allergic to bee stings and perfume, but those allergies do not appear to concern her as much as her allergy to garlic.

4. Clay Aiken: Nuts

Former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken has a severe allergy to nuts. The singer’s allergy is bad enough that he once developed a welt on his hand after being touched by a flight attendant who had been passing out nuts on an airplane. The singer is allergic to other food items like coffee and mint as well, but his coffee and mint allergies likely do not give him rashes or swollen welts.

5. Britney Spears: Bee Stings

Britney Spears has a known allergy to bee stings. The pop singer can break out in hives when the small insects swarm and start stinging. Luckily, Spears holds most of her performances indoors, possibly to avoid the little buggers. NASCAR may want to think twice before inviting her to perform before a big race, though.

6. Billy Bob Thornton: Shellfish

Any oyster and clam shortages that exist in bays and oceans around the world certainly are not due to Billy Bob Thornton. Thornton reportedly has reactions to numerous types of shellfish, with his most common reaction to the sea creatures being hives.

7. Drew Brees: Gluten

Saints quarterback Drew Brees is known for having Celiac disease. Celiac disease is a condition that causes an extreme allergy/intolerance to gluten, an ingredient found in many foods. The condition causes symptoms such as extreme fatigue and diarrhea when gluten is consumed. Gluten intolerance can be difficult to live with due to its abundance in so many foods, but Brees clearly never lets his condition affect his performance on the field.

8. Lionel Ritchie: Dairy

Lionel Ritchie struggles with lactose intolerance, a condition that is not uncommon among the general population. Lactose intolerance is caused by a lack of the enzyme lactase, a requirement for the breakdown of the sugar found in dairy products, lactose. Ritchie’s lactose intolerance causes bloating, fatigue and other digestive issues if he consumes dairy products.

9. Jackie MacMullan: Animals

Jackie MacMullan appears on ESPN as a sports writer and analyst. MacMullan has an allergy to animal hair, saying that she cannot even wear real animal fur. The TV personality’s allergy gives her a runny nose, watery eyes and frequent sneezing. Her allergy primarily acts up around cats and dogs, though other animals likely produce similar reactions.

10. Jon Bon Jovi: Hay Fever

Lead singer of the popular band Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi suffers from hay fever. Despite the name of the condition, it does not cause a fever at all. Hay fever usually causes frequent sneezing, watery eyes and swelling of the sinuses. Hay fever usually strikes during the heavy pollen season of Spring, but the condition can also be caused by allergens such as dust and hair.

11. Kate Middleton: Horses

A unique allergy, horses apparently send Kate Middleton into a sneezing fit. Despite husband Prince William’s love for horses, Middleton must be cautious. The prince’s wife is gradually growing to be more comfortable with horses though, and she is learning to deal with her allergies. Middleton’s ignoring of her allergies allows her to spend quality time with her royal husband.

12. Eva Longoria: Perfume

Eva Longoria must be cautious about her celebrity scent due to her allergy to perfume. Longoria’s allergy causes her sneezing fits and sinus swelling when she is exposed to strong perfumes and colognes. Even though Longoria wears chemically altered perfume that does not cause nasal allergies, she likely still has to be wary when she is on the red carpet.

13. Cameron Diaz: Flowers

Cameron Diaz has likely received a plethora of flowers during her life. However, the famed actress is actually allergic to them, meaning she is one of the few girls who does not like being given flowers. Diaz has problems with watery eyes and sneezing from flowers, and her allergies are likely due to pollen and other particles given off by the decorative plants.

14. Ellen Pompeo: Dogs

Ellen Pompeo has a great love for dogs, but she has an allergy to the loyal creatures. Pompeo has owned as many as three dogs at a time during her life, but the animals can give her swollen sinuses and sneezing. However, Pompeo is willing to cope with her allergies in order to spend time with her dogs whenever possible.

15. Jessica Simpson: Wheat

Actress Jessica Simpson reportedly has problems digesting wheat. The food product can cause stomach problems, and the actress has actually had ulcers that were believed to have been caused by wheat consumption in the past. Despite her allergy, Simpson has appeared in a Pizza Hut allergy, not advertising the fact that she cannot eat the product she is promoting.

16. Vanessa Hudgens: Chlorine

Vanessa Hudgens is unable to swim in many public and private pools due to the presence of chlorine. Her chlorine water allergy can cause her skin to develop rashes and red patches depending on the length of her exposure. Chlorine water may sound like an odd allergy, but it is more common than most people think. Hudgens is able to avoid reactions to chlorine water by avoiding certain pools and using water purifiers.

17. Tiger Woods: Pollen

Tiger Woods enjoys the great outdoors during his golf tournaments frequently, but the star golfer has allergies to many types of pollen. The golfer does not like to take medications before or during golf games, but he does frequently use air purifiers in his home. Woods’ air purifiers prevent allergy attacks before he plays golf, and they seem to allow him to play golf without major allergy concerns.

18. Miley Cyrus: Cinnamon

Pop singer Miley Cyrus says that she loves cinnamon candles, but she has an allergy to cinnamon itself. Cinnamon causes allergic reactions in very few people, and it can create varying symptoms. Cyrus gets skin inflammation and irritation when she is exposed to cinnamon. However, the singer does not experience any harsh reactions through her enjoyment of cinnamon-scented candles.

19. Rashida Jones: Cats

Rashida Jones, who played character Jim’s girlfriend on early seasons of the show, The Office, has major allergies to cats. Her allergies are supposedly severe enough that she has had to request shoots be delayed due to allergy attacks from cats. The Office has featured cats in past episodes, such as Dwight’s dealing with Angela’s beloved cat in one episode, but luckily, they are usually absent from the show.

20. Jeremy Clarkson: Nickel

Jeremy Clarkson, writer/host of the TV show Top Gear, has an allergy to nickel. Nickel is commonly found in various types of jewelry such as earrings and necklaces. The metal can be found in other objects, too, and common symptoms include itching and swelling of areas of skin that make contact with the element. Luckily for Clarkson, cars, with the exception of their batteries, do not have significant quantities of nickel.

22 comments on “Celebrities With Allergies” - Click here to write your comment

  1. Whitney Kinder says:

    Hey im so shocked that i found someone eles who is allergic to cinnamon, i am deathly allergic and have been for a long time i cant eat it or even have it in the air or i will start to break out and i could end up dying.

  2. Shirley says:

    Harry Styles also has hay fever

  3. Rachel says:

    You are too?

    I too am allergic to cinnamon. It wasn’t always bad but over time it got worse. I can’t even enjoy cinnamon scented pine cones at Christmas time :(

    I am also allergic to tree nuts and peanuts. So I’m allergic to basically all my favorite things

  4. Emma says:

    I feel so sorry for Kate. I love horses. I could not live to be allergic to them. :-(

  5. Keansy says:

    I have a very severe allergy to cinnamon. It’s very rare annnd sucks so bad. I can’t go a lot of places. I’m also lactose intolerant. Thankfully I am an amazing cook or I’m sure I’d have died already.

  6. Berber says:

    Those with Balsam of Peru allergies have to avoid cinnamon, as well as many other flavorings.

  7. Poop says:

    I am allergic to walnuts and pecans

  8. greg lehmann says:

    Sweetheart singer actress gymnast dancer Cathy Rigby is allergic to pollen,dogs,cats,and hornet stings.

  9. Dani Gonzalez says:

    wow! i didn’t know these things about these celebrities. thank you for this interesting list ! : )

  10. Abigail says:

    i have an allergy to everything…….. not food things, thank goodness! But i sneeze everyday, 24/7 for the whole year. Because something in my nose is inflamed and it makes it very hard to breath through my nose. I have to take medicine that i have to spray up my nose.

  11. greg lehmann says:

    You can also add singer dancer gymnast actress Cathy Rigby to the list. She’s allergic to grass pollen cats dust and codeine.

  12. Valentina Ross says:

    Harry Styles is Allergic to marshmallows

  13. Lindsay says:

    Harry Styles has hay fever

  14. greg lehmannLL says:

    As much as I love 4’10” Cathy Rigby I wasn’t aware she’s allergic to pollen dust and cats! (How Cathy can have a pet cat with her allergy to cats it’s hard to figure.) Also Cathy must be careful as to what cough formula she takes when she catches a cold flu or bronchitis because of her codiene allergy!

  15. kash says:

    me and tiger have the same allergy

  16. greg lehmann says:

    Patty Duke was severely allergic to the flu vaccine pollen dust and codiene. Sally Field once explained crabgrass makes her cough out of control. St. Louis Cardinals 1960’s pitching icon Bob Gibson had severe asthma and 5’3″ ice skater Janet Lynn quit the Ice Follies due to the damp skating air causing Janet to develop severe coughing spasms aggravating her bronchial coughing asthma and asthmatic bronchitis. And Bonnie Franklin was severely allergic to makeup.

  17. John Wagner says:

    The only real allergies I have are to bleach, and nail polish remover. My eyes start watering from it. But other than that, nothing.

  18. Victoria Ramos says:

    I just learned Kyle Selig, from Mean Girls the Musical, is allergic to dogs. And on the TV show PAW Patrol, Chase the police pup, has several allergies including cats, feathers, dust, and flowers.

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