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Best for: Eliminating allergens and rebalancing the indoor ecological balance.

No Risk – 60 day money back guarantee

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Review Summary for Better Air’s Biotica 800

Biotia 800 is the first ever ‘Probiotic Air and Surface Purifier’.

The Biotica800 purifies air from smells, allergens and irritants like mold spores, mildew, dust mite fecal matter, pet dander and even cockroach allergens.

Biotica 800 is popular among people with allergies, pets owners and mold and mildew problems.

The benefits reported by users of the product have been:

  • decrease or reduction of allergy symptoms
  • elimination of pet smells and other bad smells
  • reduction of mold and mildew
  • a better smelling home

Biotica 800 has been safely used in homes, apartments, law offices, office buildings and even in a police station in Tel Aviv, Israel. This technology has been used for years on end with zero safety issues.

I’m just so excited about this innovative product. It truly is the first of its kind.

Since the average American spends 90% of their time indoors, it’s about damn time we start addressing the potentially poisonous indoor air that we breathe for 22 hours a day.

Buying this product is wise for someone with allergies, pets, mold issues, a smelly home or stale air. And if it doesn’t get your the results you want, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. There’s no risk to you to test if purified air significantly improves your health.

I would rate this product 6 stars, but 5 out of 5 is the maximum.

How does Biotica 800 Work?

There are 2 parts to this product:

  1. First there are the probiotics that are called Envirobiotics™ for environmental probiotics.
  2. Second, the machine that disperses the probiotics to protect your air and the surfaces of your home..the Biotica800™.

Both parts of this product are quite innovative and interesting.

How the Envirobiotics™ Work

Envirobiotics™ is a blend of multiple different different probiotics. I don’t know the exact strains, but they are probably bacillus type. This blend of probiotics has been chosen because they are effective against allergens like mold spores, dust mite fecal matter and bad smells.

Since showing is better than telling, I’m going to let you watch Envirobiotics™ fight mold.

The mold alternaria causes hay fever and even asthma in people like you. It’s commonly found indoors…and if left unchecked, it can cause serious problems in people.

Enviobiotics™ vs. the Mold Alternaria – 4 Hours In

In the image above, there are 2 petri dishes. On the left, there is just the mold alternaria. On the right, is the mold alternaria and some Envirobiotics™ (see the 3 brown splotches).

Enviobiotics™ vs. the Mold Alternaria – 2 Days In

2 days later, you can see the mold growing unchecked on the left. But on the right, the Envirobiotics are restricting the mold from growing in the middle of the petri dish.

Enviobiotics™ vs. the Mold Alternaria – 3 Days In

At the end of 3 days, you can see the black mold has taken over the left petri dish. But in the right petri dish, the Envirobiotics™ has created a ‘zone of inhibition’ from mold.

Don’t you want your home protected by Envirobiotics™?

Just like the protected petri dish, the idea behind Envirobiotics™ is to make every surface of your home safe from mold, bad bacteria and other allergens.

Using the Biotica 800 unit, it disperses Envirobiotics to all surfaces in your home. Once these probiotics land on a surface like your kitchen counter, then the probiotics germinate and start fighting any bad bacteria or mold spores on your counter.

It takes about 2-4 weeks to rebalance your home’s good and bad bacteria

After about 2 weeks, all the surfaces in your home should be colonized by Envirobiotics. Then when bad germs or mold try and land on surfaces, they are unable to colonize and multiply the Envirobiotics.

And to be clear, Envirobiotics don’t eliminate 100% of the bad bacteria and microbes. But, they bring the balance of your home to mimic the outdoors, which makes your home’s air closer to the fresh and pure air you find in a forest.

3rd Party Verified Benefits of Envirobiotics™

Here are other things that Envirobiotics™ have been proven to do:

  • Eliminate pet dander
  • Eliminate cockroach poop
  • Eliminate harmful mold spores
  • Eliminate pollen that causes allergic reactions
  • Eliminate dust mite fecal matter
  • Eliminate organic odors
  • Colonize soft surfaces (eg. carpet or couch cushions)
  • Colonize hard surfaces (eg. kitchen conter)

All the above claims for the Biotica 800 and Envirobiotics have been verified by 3rd party testing.

How the Envirobiotics Biotica800™ Dispersal Unit Works

The Biotica800 is a beautiful and sleek device. But the machine is actually a technological wonder. The BetterAir already has 2 patents, with another 13 patents pending.

The purpose of the machine is to disperse the Envirobiotics™. It has to maintain the right amount of Envirobiotics™ in your home, and it has to make sure the probiotics are dispersed throughout your home or apartment everywhere and continuously. The unit will treat an area of up to 800 square feet.

I spoke with Tom Staub, the president of Better Air, and he told me the following about the Biotica 800:

Key to the Biotica 800 is the high-pressure pump and custom designed venture (nozzle) that disperses the probiotics at a one micron size allowing them to travel the air ways in your home (for 2-3 hours normally) before resting on surfaces and germinating into living bacteria. This ensures complete coverage of the treatment area.

In plain English, what Tom is saying is that the Biotica 800 disperses Envirobiotics into the air, and then allows them to settle and cover the entire home area.

Next, Tom Staub describes why the Biotica 800 disperses probiotics every hour:

With the indoor environment being a fluid one ( a human drops approx. 35 million bacteria of all types good and bad off their body hourly) we have to have our probiotics dispersed everywhere, continuously and automatically into the indoor environment in order to have our beneficial bacteria dominate the environment and not allow pathogens to gain a foothold.

How safe are Envirobiotics? Can they hurt you?

Envirobiotics have been used safely in homes with elderly, office workers, homes and police officers.

A safety test done by Holzapfel Effective Microbes in South Korea showed the following, indicating its safety:

The inhalation of BetterAir’s Envrio-Biotics resulted in no residual presence in the lungs indicating all bacteria safely exited the lungs. DNA sequencing testing was used…there was no breakdown of red blood cells…BetterAir’s Enviro-Biotics are safe for inhalation demonstrating no adverse side effects.

What research studies have been done with Envirobiotics and the Biotica 800?

To start, I want to highlight 2 studies the company has done with their blend of multiple probiotic strains. The results are extremely promising:

Residential Home Biotica 800 Study

Study purpose Studying Biotica80 effects on air quality in residential home with pets.
Study location: Residental home in Palm Beach, FL.
Study length: 4 weeks
Study results: Eliminated cat allergens, cockroach allergens, dog allergens and a 20 times reduction in dust mite allergens

Police Department Biotica 800 Study

Study purpose To see if Better Air’s envirobiotics could help the occupants of the building who had constant head aches, stuffy sinuses and breathing difficulties.
Study location: Police Department in Tel Aviv, Israel
Study length: 12 weeks
Study results: Microbal pathogens that are known to trigger asthma or cause health problems were reduced to below detectable levels. The bacterial pathogenic microbial load was reduced to below levels of detection. 3 strains of fungi were also reduced below level of detection.

How long does each Envirobiotics Cartridge Last?

Each Envirobiotics cartridge lasts for 3 months. If you use the manual probiotic dispersal feature frequently, then it may not last the full 3 months.

Biotica800 Price and Ownership Costs (86 cents per day)

The daily cost of ownership over 4 years would be:

  • cost of buying the Biotica 800
  • cost of the Envirobiotics replacement cartridges

Envriobiotics Cartridge Cost

You need 4 cartridges per year to run the system. So over 4 years, you would need to buy 16…except the first cartridge is free so you would buy 15 cartridges. That works out to a daily cost of:

[59.99 * 4 per year * 4 years – 59.99 (first Cartridge is free)] / [4* 365 days] = 61 cents per day

The cost of the unit over 4 years is:

(399)*(10% discount) / (4*365) = 25 cents per day

So the total cost of ownership over 4 years would be:

$0.61 + $0.25 = just 86 cents per day

So for 86 cents per day, you can:

  • eliminate pet odors in your home
  • eliminate allergens in your home
  • eliminate mold spores and mildew in your home
  • fight sickness causing germs

I personally don’t know of another product that does even half of that…especially for 86 cents per day. I don’t even know of any coffee that costs 86 per day haha.

Very Simple Installation

Installing the Envirobiotics cartridge is quite simple. You peel off the cartridges cover, and then slide it into the Biotica 800. It feels like sliding an inkjet cartridge into place

There are 2 ways to mount the Biotica 800:

  1. Attach to wall
    • You just need 2x 3/16 inch screws, and a screwdriver to mount the unit to the wall.
  2. Attach legs
    • You just pop on the stabilizing legs, and place it on a flat surface

Once you’ve placed it, just plug it in to the wall and you’re start protecting your home from microbes and allergens right away.

Biotica 800 – Review Conclusion

Research proves that poor air quality can cause serious health problems. Low air quality can make allergies worse, trigger respiratory issues, cause skin rashes and can even cause headaches.

And for a long time, there hasn’t been a good way to seriously improve air quality in your home. But now there’s the Biotica 800.

BetterAir’s Biotica800 is the product that actively eats irritants like dander, dust mites, fungi, and pollens. Their product disperses small amounts of probiotics into the air that love to live on the surfaces of your home. As probiotics live on the surfaces of your home, they eat allergens and sickness causing bacteria and fungi.

If you have problems with allergens, poor air quality, pet smells or mold/mildew, then the Biotica800 is for you. It costs just 86 cents per day to own, is beautiful to look at, and is very easy to install.

There is substantial research showing that this product actually works. And if for some reason it doesn’t work for you, then you can return it within 60 days, no questions asked, no risk at all.

As I said above, I would rate this 6 stars, but we only go up to 5 stars in our rating system. I rate BetterAir’s Biotica800 5 out of 5 stars. Easily one of the top 3 products I’ve reviewed in my life.

Biotica800 Review Rating:

Review Rating:

Best for: Eliminating allergens and rebalancing the indoor ecological balance.

No Risk – 60 day money back guarantee

Save $50 using coupon code: Pro50

Click here to buy direct (best price)

16 comments on “Biotica 800 Review – BetterAir’s Probiotic Air Filter” - Click here to write your comment

  1. Greg says:

    Please refer me to studies which show moulds from indoor water damaged buildings are reduced

    • evan says:

      Hi Greg,

      This product has a strong effect on mold spores in the air. Which improves air quality, and makes it harder for mold to spread in your home.

      It does not get rid of mold that has formed a black sheet on your bathroom floor, for example.

      To your health,
      Evan Jerkunica

  2. Sharon says:

    What are the measurements of this

    • evan says:

      Hi Sharon,


      I am not 100% sure on the 2.5″ dimension, as I am travelling currently. It is thicker than 2″, and is no more than 3″ on that dimension.

      I’ll update you when I get back home in a week or so.

      To your health,
      Evan Jerkunica

  3. Julie says:

    Any data on how this affects pets?

    • evan says:

      Hi Julie,

      I know the Biotica800 has been tested in homes that have pets. No positive or negative effects about pets were reported by the study.

      To your health,
      Evan Jerkunica

  4. evan says:

    Hi Sandra,

    The Biotica800 can cover 800 square feet. So you could put the unit in the part of the house you spend the most time in, OR, you could buy 2 units and place them in 2 different parts of your home.

    I would check with a doctor if it would have any effect on your toddler.

    I wish you the best,
    Evan Jerkunica

  5. Dan Rawls says:

    How often does the unit cycle a spray?

  6. Keith Stack says:

    How do you get the 10hr cycle to start? I pushed the pause button but then the machine didn’t work at all. Please help with more detailed instructions. Thank you.

    • evan says:

      Hi Keith,

      I emailed the president of BetterAir, and here’s what he said:

      To activate a 10 hour pause just press the pause button ( orange led light comes on) and the unit will pause for the same 10 hour period each day. To turn off just push pause again. When pressing pause again it starts the ten hours at the time you press the pause.

      If that isn’t 100% clear, please email me at and I’ll clarify futher.

      To your health,
      Evan Jerkunica

  7. Glenn says:

    I’m confused- this is called BetterAir but what I’m reading explains how this cleans “ surfaces “ not air. “ … That’s because only 20% of diseases are transmitted through the air – 80% are transmitted through touch.“
    So I should buy a probiotic Cleaning solution?
    Something does make sense.

    • evan says:

      Hi Glenn,

      I’d say that the particles in the air are related to the same as the particles on your surfaces. So having cleaner surfaces means cleaner air too.

      To your health,
      Evan Jerkunica

  8. Glenn says:

    Does not sound logical or cost effective
    CleanSurface = CleanAir and how do those 1micron droplets move- what concentration (mg of Mist /Cubic Meter ) is sprayed out to cover 800 sqft

    I can buy a probiotic liquid cleaner for much less and no replacement ( $60 4 x a year ).

  9. diane moulton says:

    How can I order a replacement filter?

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