I would like to give a quick mention of the 2015 International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics aka. the IPC2015. This conference is one place where the most ground-breaking probiotic research is shared and discussed. I am confident we will have this conference to thank for the next generation of probiotic supplements.

Why I’m Thankful for Probiotics

I used to have serious digestive issues. I thought my life would be spent on the toilet. I won’t go into the details, but I was headed for a lot of toilet time!

The first supplements that started to heal me were probiotic L. acidphilus & B. Longum oral supplement. I also noticed that I was sick less often and digested like a champ! I had a higher quality of life after taking these supplements for a few months — and implementing a few lifestyle changes.

Being a physicist, I intensely wanted to know how probiotics could do so much for my body. After all, probiotics are bacteria — and decades of cleaning commercials, biology classes and common sense had taught me that bacteria are THE source of illness.

Through 1,000+ hours of study & research, I discovered a healthy body is like a vibrant flower garden! A flower can’t be healthy and fight off disease if it doesn’t have healthy soil. And what does healthy soil have? It has billions of microorganisms that work symbiotically with the flowers. Aka flower probiotics!!!!

As much as humans are unique, we still must follow the same rules as other organisms. We need small friends (probiotics), we need big nutrition (organic food), and we need lots of fresh air and rest to be healthy and disease free!

Core Value #1: Your Commitment Heals

In California, doing 3-5 day cleanses is incredibly popular! And while I think cleanses are a good thing, they are temporary and their effects will be short term. How can 5 days of being healthy compensate for decades of stress & not eating well?

Nearly every scientific study on probiotics shows patients taking large does of probiotics daily for 3-24 months! In my experience, any program that promises big results in less than 3 months, is likely moving too fast!

I strongly suggest you commit to at least 100 days of a few small changes, rather than 5 days of the 100% perfect lifestyle, and 95 days of not living healthily.

Core Value #2: Heal In Your Own Way

Even if you had a genetically identical twin, and your twin had the same symptoms, you two would likely need different treatments to cure your symptoms!

Each of us is 100% unique. From the way we look, to the size of our organs, to the foods we can tolerate, to when we like to wake up, down to every single cell in our body!

In addition to our inherent genetic differences, we all had different experiences growing up, and have different challenges. The path to health could be as simple as taking a supplement & making more time for loved ones, or as challenging as having to reexamine one’s core values & purpose in life — or anywhere in between!

I’m going through a unique health journey myself — so let’s meet the challenges when we are able, and not beat ourselves up over temporary detours from health. Let’s resolve to heal our own way.

Core Value #3: Your Lifestyle Heals

Many people believe that doctors are the gateway to health. People may also believe health comes from medical procedures, health products and supplements. Many believe you can completely buy your way to health.

But there are also other pieces of the health puzzle that one cannot buy. You cannot buy discipline. You cannot pay someone to end or work through your relationship challenges. You can’t pay someone to eat healthy food for you. And you can’t pay someone to make you work less.

The complete health picture involves buying products, buying services, and a healthy dose of self control!

Core Value #4: Start With Slow & Natural

I strongly believe that we should begin with the natural and gentle health supplements, then to lifestyle changes, then perhaps to harsh pharmaceuticals and lastly to irreversible surgeries.

I believe most digestive problems develop over a decade or two. As such, a 2 hour surgery won’t really address the 10+ year habit that lead to the development of your digestive issues.

All healing methodologies have their place, and you need to choose what works for you. But I beg you to carefully consider an irreversible surgery prior to making serious lifestyle changes.

Core Value #5: In-Depth Research

I’ve spent over 1,000 hours of my life reading probiotic articles. I have also been studying holistic health since I played football in high school. Paul Chek being one of my best teachers and strongest influence.

I work hard to communicate copious amounts of actionable information in each in-depth article or graphic I make. You will not find in-depth, flexible information on probiotics & digestion anywhere else.

Why Did I Make You This Site?

I like to help people help themselves. And I have big love for my fellow woman, man and planet!

How Can You Support Probiotics.org?

The thing that probiotics.org really needs is more people covering the subject of probiotics. So if you have a website, I’ll be happy to write an article for you! If you have a facebook account, please press the recommend button and share us on facebook. Thanks for the help!

How Did I Learn So Much About Probiotics?

I learned about probiotics through a combination of elbow grease, time, obsession, curiosity and connecting the dots between the human body, our environment and effective health modalities.

Moreover, I am a physicist and I used to work in a Nobel prize winning plastic solar cell lab. While, I didn’t enjoy the day to day of working in a lab — being a physicist is a frame of mind, baby!

In The Big Health Picture, How Much Can Probiotics Do?

Probiotics can perform health miracles in many cases. But let’s be honest about the place probiotics have in your overall health. A supplement can do wonders (it did for me), but our ancestors did not go to the supplement store to get healthy. Their health came from eating high nutrient food, staying relaxed, having some good sex, sunlight, plenty of fresh air, being social, lots of exercise and being exposed to lots of good and bad bacteria in the environment on a regular basis.

Am I A Probiotic Expert?

While I may have expert level knowledge about probiotics & their relationship to your health, I do not want to be considered a probiotic expert. I believe seeing all health problems through the lens of probiotics is not wise.

Here’s an ancient Indian parable about seeing things only from a single expert perspective: www.noogenesis.com/pineapple/blind_men_elephant.html

Probiotics will not fix your relationships. Probiotics will not fix 5 trips to McDonald’s every week. Probiotics will not fix focusing on the negatives in your life. Probiotics will not make you lose 100lbs!

There is much more to health than probiotics, but probiotics (and a little humor) can often help!

much love to you and yours!

Evan Jerkunica – Probiotics.org Founder

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