Facts About B. Infantis Probiotic Strain

The name “B. Infantis” makes it clear that this probiotic strain is important to healthy babies. B Infantis is often one of the first probiotics a mother will pass to her baby. Therefore many doctors and scientists recommend that pregnant women supplement this probiotic.

After Bifido infantis colonizes us as infants, this probiotic bacteria lives in our bodies our whole life. Their primary job is to improve our digestion and to protect us against infection & sickness. B. Infantis has also been scientifically proven to fight allergies & even help prevent kidney stones. B. Infantis accomplishes this by producing large amounts of acid to make our digestive tracts (and the vagina) inhospitable to foreign bacteria and parasites.

Researched B. infantis Benefits

  • Reduce IBS Symptoms and Acute Diarrhea
    • reduces acute diarrhea (rotavirus and non-rotavirus)
    • reduce or eliminate symptoms of IBS
  • Protect Vaginal Canal
    • B. infantis protect vaginal canal from infection and invasion
  • Bifido infantis Benefits for Babies and Infants
    • establish infant microflora
    • reduce death among very low birth weight infants
    • increase immunity among very low birth weight infants
  • Improve Immune System
    • improve immune system efficiency
    • reduce inflammatory allergic response
  • Reduce Risk of Kidney Stones
    • reduce urinary oxalate (associated with kidney stones)

    Best Supplements With B. Infantis

    If you or your child need some B. Infantis, here are my 2 favorite supplements that have plenty of B. Infantis:

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