Acidophilus Facts & Benefits

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is the most researched and proven probiotic known to scientists. L. Acidophilus bacteria were first isolated in the 1890′s by the Nobel Prize winner Llya Metchnikoff. Since then thousands of research studies have proven that Lactobacillus acidophilus is vital to human health.

Acidophilus’s Digestive Benefits

The first research by the Russian Llya Metchnikoff showed that Acidophilus played an important role in our digestion. Research in recent decades has confirmed that supplementing with acidophilus can treat helps our digestion and also treats diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut syndrome and reduces lactose intolerance and increases our absorption of calcium, B vitamins and can even improve appetite.

I know that sounds hard to believe, but you can check the 41 references (see below) that prove all the digestive benefits that L. Acidophilus has! You won’t be surprised to learn acidophilus bacteria also help fight allergies & enemy bacteria. Just read below.

You won’t be surprised to learn acidophilus bacteria also help fight allergies & enemy bacteria. Just read below.

Acidophilus’s Anti-Allergy & Immunity Benefits

In addition to Lactobacillus Acidophilus’s digestive benefits, numerous research studies also show that it enhances immunity and decreases allergies.

A study from Japan’s Dr. Ishida proved that a strain of L. acidophilus in fermented milk helped the patients greatly reduce their symptoms of allergenic rhinitis. Numerous other clinical studies also support that acidophilus supplementation is linked to a reduction of allergy symptoms.

Interesting Facts On Acidophilus

  • one of the main residents of the gut
  • most familiar and studied probiotic (by far)
  • also found in the mouth and vagina
  • produce antibiotic substances such as acidolin, acidophillin, lactobacillin, lactocin and others
  • help balance the pH of upper intestinal track (this may help reduce heartburn symptoms)
  • Discovered by Nobel Prize winner Llya Metchnikoff
  • Strong against Candida Albicans infections
  • fights ulcers, salmonella, Staph infections, E. Coli
  • increases lactose absorption
  • prevents urinary tract infections
  • prevents diarrhea
  • increases nutrient absorption
  • helps repair leaky gut
  • there is evidence that people poorly colonized with L. Acidophilus don’t digest milk as well as those who have well developed L. Acidophilus colonies

The list of below benefits come from the many studies we have read & Dr. Casey Adams’s probiotics book.

Researched Benefits of L. Acidophilus

  • Improve Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
    • increase HDL-cholesterol (good)
    • lower (bad) LDL cholesterol
    • lower total cholesterol
    • lower blood pressure
    • lower triglycerides
  • Help Digestive Conditions
    • reduce (too many bad digestive bacteria) dyspepsia
    • decrease stress-related digestive problems
    • relieve/prevent antibiotic-related diarrhea
    • relieve/prevent ulcerative colitis
    • decrease leaky gut symptoms
    • relieve/prevent acute diarrhea
    • decrease lactose intolerance
    • relieve/prevent IBS
  • Improvement of Infant Conditions
    • increase preterm infants weight gain
    • prevent diarrhea in infants
  • Fight Viral, Bacterial & Fungal Infections
    • fight viruses with targeted antibodies
    • prevent/fight respiratory infections
    • reduce/prevent H. pylori (ulcers)
    • prevent/treat vaginosis/vaginitis
    • enhance vaccine effectiveness
    • fight Cadida overgrowths
    • prevent E. coli infection
    • prevent tonsillitis
    • fight pink-eye
  • Nutritional Benefits
    • produce B vitamins and other some nutrients
    • enhance calcium absorption
    • improve appetite
  • Reduce Allergy Severity
    • decrease allergy symptoms
  • Fight Other Chronic Conditions
    • decrease chance of kidney stones
    • reduce anemia

Acidophilus Side Effects

While the side effects of supplementing acidophilus are minor, here is the full list of potential adverse effects.

Top Supplements Containing Acidophilus Probiotics

I’ve taken many acidophilus supplements and here are my two favorites:

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16 comments on “Lactobacillus Acidophilus Benefits & Side Effects” - Click here to write your comment

  1. Elaine says:

    When do I start. Taking probiotic acidophilus before going to Egypt

  2. Reyaz says:

    I am suffering from gas prolem weak diegation and bloating doctor recomend me darolac sacketsknow i am feeling better

  3. jennifer davis says:

    It’s a great product ….been taking it for about 2 yrs now.

  4. Laura says:

    Hello. I have struggled with constipation for over 8 years now and tried everything. I’m fed up with laxatives. I brought these supplements ( acidophilus) today 3 billion active culture. Already I am extremely gassy and bloated.
    I’m glad I’ve read this is ok. I was worried. :-(


  5. Zafar says:

    Hi there. When my stomach is empty, I feel gas and bloating after few hours of eating. Every day I feel like going to toilet two three times in the morning. Since a week, I am feeling weakness and tired before and after going to toilet, Is it because of gas or acidity? Can I take Acidophilus with Bifidus and FOS 6 billion active cells?

    • evan says:

      Hi Zafar,

      If I were you I would stop for a week until all the symtoms go away and then start again.

      I also would try a non-FOS probiotic…some people can have bad reactions to it.

      take care,
      Evan Jerkunica

  6. adenike Daniyan says:

    I have staph n I jst purchased probiotic and cranberry powder. I hope it works. Pls help me with instructions on how to effectively use probiotic for staph treatment.

    • evan says:

      Hi Adenike,

      Staph can become a life-threatening condition so I encourage you to speak with your doctor about it. Probiotics have been shown to increase immunity, but you should follow your doctor’s advice on this.

      to your health,
      Evan Jerkunica

  7. bob vackar says:

    In central and eastern Europe people until recently did not have as many medical problems as they do now when eating western denatured food. Their skin was very young looking and even their height was greater than ours. Your article on Acidophilus was quite informative. Bob Vackar

  8. amal says: it safe to take the acidophilus tablets for patients with gerd. Also suffer from gas and bolting.

    • evan says:

      Hi Amal,

      I have heard of others taking Acidophilus for GERD and it reduced their acid reflux significantly.

      Consult your doctor, but you can try the acidophilus and there’s a chance it will make your gas/bloating better as well.

      But if the probiotics make the gas/bloating worse, there’s a chance they could be a bacterial overgrowth in your small intestines…see here so you can research it yourself:

      I used to have SIBO and increasing my HCL was the key to reducing my bloating/gas…but you should ask your doctor and do your own research.

      feel better,
      Evan Jerkunica

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